World Mission

The World Mission Group is primarily, but not exclusively, concerned with those called by God to leave their local community and take the Gospel to other cultures.

Each Mission Partner appoints an Advocate to represent them to the church. We believe that Fellowship Groups (or other church small groups) are the best place to nurture support for Mission Partners. Financial support for Mission Partners is given through the church general budget (administered by the WMG) and by individual members of the congregation.

Vision and Mission

As the body of Christ, we are part of God’s mission, both corporately as the Church and each member individually, in all areas of our lives, in all situations and at all moments.

When Jesus calls His disciples to follow him and when He sends them out (Mt 28:18-20 and Jn 20:21-22) He promises the Holy Spirit, who will lead and give all that is needed to fulfil this calling.

This means that each follower of Christ is called to:

  • Proclaim the good news of the Gospel
  • Make disciples
  • Care for those who are in need
  • Work for justice and just structures
  • Care for God’s creation

(5 Marks of Mission, Anglican Communion)

In the light of this understanding of mission, the World Mission Group focuses on the promotion and support of cross-cultural mission and sees its task as the following:


  • To work in partnership with the leadership of the Church to build broad awareness of God’s mission and His calling to each one of us within the Church membership
  • To walk alongside those who are exploring the possibility to be sent out in cross-cultural mission, encouraging and supporting them, together with the sending mission agencies
  • To provide holistic care to those whom the Church sends.

Give to mission

Mission Week 2020 is now over, but you can still give to missions.

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