Palm Sunday 5 April

Click here for the liturgy for the 11.15am on 5 April.

9.30am All Age

Click here for song words for the 9.30am on 5 April and click here for the memory verse sticker.

Lent Course 1 April

Click here to open a copy of Paul's notes for the session.

Services 29 March 2020

11.15am service

Click here for a document containing the liturgy and reading

9.30am service

Click here for a document containing the song words.

Lent Course 25 March

Click here for a handout that goes with Paul's talk on 25 March. This talk doesn't cover how we might approach the Psalms that call down judgement (imprecatory Psalms) - there is a note about this in the handout, and a short video discussing this to follow. 

Services 22 March 2020

11.15am service

Accompanying resources

Click here for song words for the 11.15am service
Click here for liturgy for the 11.15am service 

9.30am service

Accompanying resources
Click here for a document containing all you need for the 9.30am service.
Click here for a video of Lesley reading the Bible story.

Lent Course 18 March 2020

Accompanying Resources

Liturgy: The liturgy we will use at the start of the session can be found here.
Song words: At the beginning of our time together, we will sing the hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness. Words can be found here.
Talk outline: You can find an outline from Jonathan's talk, with some questions, here.