20s/30s ministry
at st andrew's

Our vision
At St. Andrews, we want to see all young adults grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, develop Godly leadership in their places of education and work, and be those who seek the transformation of their communities. Young adults are an integral part of our church family.

This is a generation that offers a unique perspective on faith, culture and society and offers the rest of the church a fresh voice and understanding of what it means to be a Christian in today’s world.

St. Andrew’s is a place where young adults can encounter God, grow in discipleship, be part of a loving and supportive church family, and provide a space to wrestle with some of the questions that present during this stage of life.

Who are young adults?
We recognise that there’s often overlap in terms of life stages - and we want to support people wherever they find themselves. Our young adults ministry is aimed at those who have graduated from their undergraduate studies (or are that age) up to those in their late thirties, and includes singles, married couples and those with children.

What does all this look like?
There are three main elements of our young adults ministry:
- Gather: We seek to provide regular opportunities to gather and deepen our relationships with each other and with God
- Scatter: We encourage young adults to scatter in two ways: firstly, into the wider church family by joining a home group and secondly, as disciples of Jesus into their communities
- Serve: We provide opportunities to serve in different areas of church life and can help find ways of serving outside church

Ways to plug in
Young Adults Gatherings
Twice a term, we gather together as young adults across St. Andrew’s. These gatherings are intended to be points where we encourage each other to scatter into the wider St. Andrew’s community and the communities we live and work in.

Home Groups
We encourage all members of our church family to be part of a home group. As a young adult, we want to allow you to plug into a home group that best fits what you are looking for. That might be a group made up of other young adults, or it might be a group with a broader age demographic. To find out more about home groups and how to join, email paul.white@standrewsoxford.org

One of the ways we support each other and grow our faith is through service, and we encourage all young adults to find a way of serving at St. Andrew’s. There are plenty of ways to get involved, from being part of our youth and children’s work to hospitality, being part of the worship band, and lots more. We’re also keen to try and help find ways of serving outside, in the  wider community. To find out more, email james.dwyer@standrewsoxford.org

Postgraduate & Postdoc Lunches
A number of our young adults are studying at postgraduate or postdoc level while in Oxford, and we recognise that this brings with it a unique set of challenges. We have a postgraduate/postdoc lunch twice a term - to find out more and for the dates of upcoming lunches, email james.dwyer@standrewsoxford.org