168 hours in a week - church might be one of them and school about 30. That’s a lot more hours when families are doing life together!

Our aim is to support families as they seek to develop faith@home. This includes a range of people from parents and grandparents to godparents, aunts, uncles and even siblings.

On Sundays

Our first Sunday of the month at 9:30am is always an all age service. It’s a moment for different generations to do church side by side. The service is shorter than usual, has drama, characters, excellent storytelling and is engaging for all ages.  We even have donuts!

On other Sundays and at our 11:15am and 6pm services, we use the first part of our services to do church together. At 9:30am there is an all age worship spot when a 3 minute presentation introduces the theme of the service. That way everyone can join in a conversation about the theme/sermon/what the adults learnt over lunch, tea or dinner … during an afternoon walk, whilst loading the dishwasher or as part of ‘tea, bath, bed’ routines.

That’s a good idea!

Once every 6 weeks (half term) we invite a member of our church family to speak about an aspect of faith@home. This happens during our 9:30am service. We’ve had presentations on Advent, Lent, Christmas, Halloween, choosing Bibles, using Sunday lunch and prayer.


We run an annual parenting course, alternating between 0-11s and 11-18s. This year we have more of a pick-and-mix menu.


For prayer week 2017 we created a resource for families to try at home. Click here.
For 2018 we encouraged families to buy the GodVenture Lazarus pack.

For Lent we have encouraged families to use the 40acts for families resource.  Click here.

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They write ‘Welcome to Faith at home, our monthly resource for those seeking to develop children’s faith… at home. We know that seeking to raise the next generation of Jesus followers isn’t easy but hopefully the ideas and stories inside these pages can help us all along the way.’