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Everyone has something to contribute to the ministry for the church, be it time, talents, money, ideas or prayers. This is the area of the website that gives some direction for those seeking to give or serve. See the links on the left for more information.


Why not become a regular giver to the church? We truly need the support of every member if we are to both continue and expand the ministries we believe God has entrusted to us.


St Andrew’s is a busy church looking to Grow God's Family. This means we are able to offer a wide range of ways for its members to get involved and use their God given gifts in his service.

Whether you have an hour or two to spare every year, month or week the right slot can be found for you. Whether your gift is cooking or praying, welcoming others or wielding a hammer, addressing envelopes or singing in the choir, an upfront Alpha leader or a backroom supporter you are going to be valued in your role and blessed in your service.

Anne Stern co-ordinates the volunteer force that enables the church to function and maintain its outreach, so, please, use the form at the bottom of this page to send her your contact details and together you can talk, pray and discern your role in our church family.


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