Sound and Projection Team

SoundboardThis team plays a central support role in the running of Sunday services: we meet in a big building, use a variety of drama, music, song, liturgy and other creative material. Without the Sound and Projection Team, the gathered community would not be able to participate in shared worship, learning and reflection together.

Sound Team

Comprise a wide range of volunteer sound engineers at different stages of learning. From the 0800 service (where no more than a couple of speech microphones are generally required), through the 1115 service (where a few acoustic instruments may also need to be amplified) all the way to engineering sound for a full band at the 0930 and Evening services, there are opportunities for sound engineers of all abilities to get involved and develop their skills.

Projection Team

Use EasyWorship projection software. This is a very simple system to learn and use, and enables us to easily project song words, images, movies, bible verses, powerpoint presentations and to alert parents to children who need their attention during the service. Download the quick start guide here or the full user manual here

People who volunteer for the Sound and Projection team will:

  • receive full training, both through shadowing and one-to-one sessions

  • be scheduled onto a rota at a frequency that suits their availability

  • be expected to turn up early for services (Projectionists - 30 minutes before the service start time; Sound Engineers - 0845 for the 0930 service, 1045 for the 1115 service, 1600 for the Evening service)

The most important quality a volunteer is that you possess a willigness to learn and some sort of artistic vision for the role of sound and projection in our services. The way in which the sound and projection are deployed makes a big difference to the experience of those who come to worship and learn together.


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